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Mahaseel markets 10 million kilos of vegetables in the local market

Qatar has maintained a strong focus on self-sufficiency in food and dairy products, particularly in recent years. Since the start of the illegal blockade, the country worked tirelessly to increase local food production and has made great strides in this field.

Recently, after visiting several hypermarkets across the country, His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Industry Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari said Qatar’s strategic reserve of food stock commodities is enough to last for more than a year.

He also confirmed that Qatar’s policies are moving ahead at the same pace without any change, despite the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

Earlier, Qatar’s Government Communications Office (GCO) had also highlighted that the country maintained its position of first in the Arab world in the Economist’s Food Security Index for 2019.

As Qatar continues to harness all its energies to achieve greater food security, it also shores up its local agricultural production.

Mahaseel for Marketing and Agri Services Company, a subsidiary of Hassad Foods, has been playing an instrumental role in this area.

The company aims to contribute to achieving self-sufficiency in vegetables and support local farmers so they can enhance their quality and quantity of local produce.

This week, Mahaseel announced that it has marketed 10 million kilograms of vegetables in the local market, in the current agricultural season.

Mohamed al-Sadah, Chief Executive Officer of Hassad, said, “Mahaseel managed to display the added value of the local produce through its production processes (sorting, cleaning, packaging and marketing) with the aim to increase the quantity and enhance the quality of local produce.”

The company markets 30 different types of vegetables in Qatar’s local market, which are made available to consumers through 44 hypermarkets across the country.

Currently, over 200 local farms are registered with Mahaseel and benefit from its services.

Mahaseel was formed in coordination with Qatar Chamber (QC) and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) in 2018.

The company uses multiple channels to drive supply chains and ensure added value to the produce of local farmers while also ensuring customers can purchase the finest local produce.

Meanwhile, health authorities in Qatar continue to implement the highest level of monitoring, detection, and management procedures to deal with the virus, the public has been advised to follow certain measures to safeguard their health.

For any queries, or concerns related to COVID-19 in Qatar, the public can contact a 24/7 hotline set up by the Ministry. The hotline number is 16000 and is toll-free.

Here’s everything you need to know about the virus, including ways to protect yourself.

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